The technology of recovering data has exponentially grown. Data can be lost in a lot of ways. You can delete it by accident; your hard drive might fail or crush and in fatal cases like plane crashes. However, specialists can handle such issues. They can recover data from damaged hard drive among other things.

How Does Data Recovery Work?

Data recovery depends entirely on how it was lost. Here is a list of data losses and how they are recovered.

Accidental File Deletion

When you delete your file accidentally, it is possible to recover it if you act fast. Immediately after the mistake happens, you should stop using your computer because you might form other files that might overwrite it. Even browsing the internet might download caches and cookies to overwrite the data. There are software products that can help you retrieve this information. They use algorithms that search your hard disk to find lost data.

The file system format also has a role to play. Some files systems store information longer than others while others destroy the parts of data deleted.

The Corruption of the File

Corrupt hard drive messages are not new to computer users. The data here can be recovered by taking the hard drive and attaching it to another computer. Most of the time, it is usually the operating system that is faulty, but the other data is safe. You will then need to copy and paste into the separate hard drive.

The right software can be used to repair partition tables as well which also might be the problem. If any data is lost, then the software can also recover it. At times most of the data is destroyed, but bits and bits of data can be retrieved to help you recreate new ones.

Formatting a File System

This heavily depends on the file systems. There are file systems that when overwritten are not able to recover data while the likeliness of others is high. When file system damages occur, the recovery depends on the extent of the damage.

The Drive is Physically Damaged

This is an expensive process that requires sophisticated equipment and software. A special and controlled environment is created such that no speck of dust can be found. The specialists doing this are also highly trained and have special tools to retrieve the hard drive data. The process involves recreation of the destroyed parts of the drive and applying the software and harnessing their expert abilities.

Recovering Data From Solid State Drives

Solid state drives are still a relatively new technology in the market. To retrieve data from solid-state drives is much difficult and an expensive affair if you compare with the common hard drives. The average prices of data recovery from solid state drives are high. The reason is there are not enough experts, and the technology is still new.

The only sure way you have got is keeping your data safe. Make sure you have data backups which might include cloud and hard drives. Although, if you are right now facing an issue with data loss then hire an expert who can recover data from damaged hard drive.