Data Recovery Evaluations

August 14, 2018

Sherlock Data Recovery Service Calculation

The following factors are taken in consideration when giving you a Quotation


  • Evaluation

  • We will carry out the evaluation within 12-24 hours of receipt of the hard drive or device, you will then be provided with an engineer’s report detailing the hard drive failure, an estimate of how much data we can recover and a quotation for recovery.
  • Please note we have a standard evaluation fee of R 790. If you require an emergency evaluation where our engineers will work out of business hours there will be a fee of R 990.We require a R 1550 evaluation fee for Server – Raid recovery.
  • Our evaluation fee includes the inspecting, diagnosing, Rebuilding of your drive.
  • All evaluation need to be paid upfront before we can proceed. Please use your Name and Surname as a reference when making a deposit. Please send us Proof of payment at your earliest convenience


  • Donor Drives ( Parts needed to rebuild your drive if needed)

  • Please note all Donor drives must be paid upfront before the
    order can be placed
  • Donor drives (Parts) take between 3-7 working days to arrive in
    South Africa but may take longer if parts is not available at that stage
  • Donor drives does not guarantee a recovery can be made but we cannot proceed without it
  • The client will not be able to use either the Original or Donor drive again and we will return this in parts if needed
  • We do not accept donor drives from clients
  • Please use your Initials and Surname when making a deposit and forward Proof of Payment


  • Rebuilding of your drive (If needed)

  • After we received your Donor drive we will rebuild your drive, this is part of your evaluation fee at no extra cost
  • This process may take up to 48 Hours


  • Platter cleaning Fee  ( If applicable )

  • If the drive was previously opened a cleaning fee apply before we can proceed
  • We stronly urge you not to open any drive as this may cause severe damage in most cases
  • In the Data Recovery industry one in every six drives can not be recovered due to clients that previously opened a drive


  • Data Recovery option selected by the client

  • We offer Four payment options that will effect the price you pay
  • 24 Hour service
  • 3 Day Data Recovery Services
  • 7 Day Data Recovery Services
  • 14 Day Data Recovery Services


  • Destination Drive

  • Once the recovery is completed we will be able to determine the destination drive size
  • We do not accept client destination drives
  • We only sell Milgrade External drives

  • Server – RAID Data Recovery Services


  • If you have a Raid configuration we charge that price per  drive in the RAID array.
  • It is based on the number of drives and the size due to the fact rebuilding RAID is so much more difficult and requires much larger quantities of space and time to perform the recovery.
  • In most cases, all drives, including the good ones, have to be imaged, the bad drive rebuilt, the array reassembled in software, then extracted as a final image, after which the data is extracted.
  • Other items need to be reviewed during evaluation to know what the type of damage is and what the cost will be.
  • You will be contacted after the evaluation and details will be discussed.


  • Forensic Recovery – For Legal Court Cases

  • If you have a drive is used in a case, and write blockers are required to keep it clean and the drive is stored in the safe while not in recovery to maintain chain of custody.
  • Please indicate that in a note with the drive.